Cargo Reiserad für Camping und Berge


Cargo Touring Bike FOR Camping & MOUNTAINS

Through the Alps on a cargo bike? Over forest paths and gravel roads? Carrying passengers, a tent and full camping equipment? Our MOUNTAIN RIDER crosses all boundaries: Cargo bike, trekking bike and mountain bike become one – the cargo touring bike for all routes and altitudes!

Get on the move

Together on the Road

When the sun is out and you’ve got wanderlust, just get the kids, your partner or your dog on your cargo touring bike, throw in your camping gear – and off you ride! What could be greater than letting the wind whoosh your ears and having a relaxing chat?

Whether as a load carrier, support vehicle, family wagon or dog transporter: the Mountain Rider impresses with its unique combination of casual dynamics and practical comfort.

With the PASSENGER BIKE, you can take small and tall people with you on the bench seat with lockable trunk, while the TRANSPORTER BIKE makes it easy to lash your luggage to the loading area. Thanks to the sports suspension with turbo engine and tilting technology, you can glide through blossoming landscapes and endless expanses up to any peak.

Conquer the mountain

Cargo touring bike for all routes

Once you’re in the saddle and have finally set off, you’ll soon be gripped by a new kind of fever: where’s the next mountain? Germany’s most powerful cargo bike motor – the ZF Sachs RS – pushes you up every serpentine or 30% gradient with 112 Nm of torque.

With one battery charge, you can cover a good 50 to 70 kilometers and crazy altitude meters in Alpine scale. Follow the horizon – find your peak!

There are countless fantastic bike routes on which you can cycle casually and relaxed. But the sun doesn’t always shine – and there’s plenty of adventure beyond the road!

Your Mäx & Mäleon touring bike carries you with suspension tilt technology, all-weather off-road tires and mountain bike handlebars over unmown meadows, rooty forest paths and dirty gravel roads. In rain, snow, wind and clouds. Without pain in the buttocks, but with a big grin on your face!

Camping deluxe

Everything in, on and around

Our guiding principle is: More & than either. When traveling, this roughly means: To hell with minimalism and eternal renunciation! We want more stuff, more fun, more comfort – bikepacking like a boss!

You can simply throw everything you need for sleeping, cooking, playing, swimming, fishing, chilling and so on into your MOUNTAIN RIDER, click it on, pack it on top and lash it down – then go in search of the great, good and beautiful. Head off on vacation!

Depending on the edition, you can even add your children, partner or dogs. Your Mäx & Mäleon is the ideal alternative to a caravan and the perfect companion vehicle for group bike trips.



A good life is a long, long bike ride – so it’s important to be perfectly equipped all the way. We focus on expert craftsmanship and high-end components, the best quality and the smallest ecological footprint. This means that all parts can be repaired and replaced without fuss if necessary and that they can be sourced as locally as possible.

What’s more, all Mäx & Mäleon bikes are modularly designed to give you lasting flexibility – depending on how your life circumstances change: There’s the right seat for every age – and if you want, you can even swap the passenger compartment for an empty cargo area. This is truly sustainable mobility!


Alpine cross by cargo bike 2023

443 kilometers – 5,535 vertical meters. In summer 2023, we put our cargo touring bike through the most fun endurance test of the year and redefined the term “going steep” in the process: From Garmisch-Partenkirchen via Fernpass, Reschenpass, Via Claudia Augusta, Passo Campozzin and Lake Garda to Lago di Ledro in Italy.

In these videos, we document everything we experienced and how the motor, battery, tilting technology, brakes and gears performed.

"The best cargo bike
we've tested yet!"

Test report after 3 weeks in daily use

The cargo bike influencers “Radelbande” have been testing cargo bikes of all kinds for seven years. In their transparent evaluation system, we have now received 43 points – the all-time high score!

The PASSENGER BIKE now sets the benchmark!



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