We bring a breeze
to hot and narrow cities.

And finally some riding pleasure into climate protection.
Because we are picking up where the car industry left off:
We build sustainable cargo bikes – vehicles for a green, liveable future.


The cities are drowning in traffic, the planet is getting hotter and hotter. Despite this, vehicles are getting bigger and blowing more and more greenhouse gases into the air.

We’ve been living in the city without a car for years. But of course we still have to go shopping or transport things from A to B. And of course we still want to go to the lake with our children, relatives and friends, to the barbecue, to the garden, to the playground, to school, to daycare, to work and so on.

Taking the train is often okay, but just as often it’s a hassle. Sharing cars are usually expensive, difficult to get to – and of course climate killers. So it’s always a question of climate protection vs. comfort. Riding pleasure vs. conscience. Want vs.abstinence.

That got us thinking and trying things out.

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of global CO2 emissions come from
cars and trucks (Source)

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more weight in cars since 2000 in the ∅
(10cm wider & 20cm longer) (Source)

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of the cars registered in Europe in 2022

were SUVs (Quelle)


We need more & than vs.: individual mobility that is comfortable, practical and inclusive, fun and environmentally friendly. Vehicles that adapt to people’s needs like chameleons adapt to the colors of their environment.

Since we couldn’t find a vehicle that met these requirements, we developed one ourselves:

  • An e-cargo bike for transporting children and adults
  • As comfortable and versatile as a station wagon
  • As dynamic, free and sustainable as a bicycle
  • With passenger seat, trunk and sports suspension
  • For the city, for the countryside and also for the mountains
  • The first electrifying alternative to the car


First steps 2020/2021



Electric cars cause 80% of their emissions before the first drive, namely during production and transportation. Truly sustainable mobility therefore requires that supply chains and production processes are also designed with the environment in mind. We produce every bike ourselves to avoid long journeys and to control the manufacturing conditions in the best possible way. When selecting our components and suppliers, we attach great importance to durability, regionality and sustainability.

Our commitment to quality combines Swabian engineering skills with sustainable craftsmanship. Every Mäx & Mäleon is therefore unique, manufactured in our Stuttgart production facility.


Three times more men than women work in the transport sector – so transport routes, vehicles and mobility services are often designed for male bodies and usage habits. Mäx & Mäleon also employs more men than women. This is precisely why we want to help change this perspective.

Because truly sustainable mobility thinks about all road users – and that’s why Mäx & Mäleon has a ride for anyone: People of all ages and genders, all origins and skin colors, with physical limitations and disabilities. Our bikes can optionally be built with barrier-free access or wheelchair ramps.


Inklusives Lastenrad-Dreirad für behinderte Menschen | Mäx & Mäleon
Lastenrad-Dreirad Familienrad Passenger Bike | Mäx & Mäleon


In particular, we support female mobility, as female mobility behavior is often more complex than that of men: In the course of everyday care work, women move not only themselves, but also children, relatives and acquaintances and cover more short combination routes than long, straight routes.

This means: on the way to work, quickly to the daycare center and school, on the way back to the supermarket, sports field and so on. That’s why Mäx & Mäleon builds versatile vehicles that lighten the load and are fun to ride.

Sustainable CompanY CULTURE

For us, consistent sustainability also means building a sustainable company culture that makes participation a guiding principle.

We want a company that not only asserts flat hierarchies and democratic processes, but also lives them, especially when there are conflicts.

We want a company that pays everyone fairly, where everyone enjoys working and getting involved – a company that belongs to all employees.

The company is successful when employees feel comfortable, customers are satisfied and it makes an impact on the mobility transition.

OUR Team