Electric cars generate 80% of their emissions before they even hit the road, during their production and transportation. Truly sustainable mobility requires environmentally conscious supply chains and production processes. To avoid long distances and ensure the best possible production conditions, we produce each bike ourselves.

We place the utmost value on regional and sustainable suppliers. Our commitment to quality combines Swabian engineering with sustainable craftsmanship. Therefore, each Mäx & Mäleon is a unique piece, produced in our Stuttgart production facility.

riding pleasure & climate awareness

To create the green age of mobility and build a sustainable economy, it takes more & than vs.: driving & riding, safety & fun, comfort & speed, transport & sightseeing, prosperity & climate protection. 

Mäx & Mäleon is a creative startup with a desire for innovation and progress – and at the same time a family business with traditional values like tolerance & welfare, environmental awareness & inventive talent, honesty & humor. 

We want to change the world – preferably with a breeze-tousled hairstyle! 

Sunny greetings from Stuttgart and Frankfurt, 

Ride the Chänge! 

Franziska, Emanuel, Andreas & Team Mäx & Mäleon 

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