MÄX & MÄLEON adapts easily to your life, especially when it comes to payment. You can lease your bike or finance it via installments – not only saving emissions but a great deal of money too! In this post, we’ll explain how to do it.


What is cheaper: leasing or financing? This question can be answered with a clear ‘It depends’ – namely, whether your employer offers company bicycle leasing or you can benefit from financial support from the federal government, states, municipalities, and social institutions.

In general, cargo bike financing is eligible for funding and can be subsidized by several thousand euros – this is not always the case with leasing. However, leasing often has a higher saving potential: if you benefit from your employer’s contribution and high tax benefits when leasing a company bicycle (the latter also applies to self-employed individuals). Additionally, insurance and maintenance are usually included in the monthly price.

With financing, on the other hand, you often have more flexibility: you can individually determine your regular and long-term burden – through the amount of the down payment and monthly contributions.



Company bike LEASING

If you want to lease your MÄX & MÄLEON, the easiest way is to do it together with your employer or – if you are self-employed – with your own business. We are partners of all leading service bike providers, so you can handle the leasing directly with us – or with the dealer of your choice.


Your employer leases the MÄX & MÄLEON for you – the monthly installments are automatically deducted from your salary. Thanks to the tax advantage, you save up to 40% compared to a classic purchase. If you lease the bike in addition to your salary, you even ride it completely tax-free. So you can lease a MÄX & MÄLEON from 100€/month – and save up to 3000 Euro depending on the equipment! After three years you can usually buy the bike for a low final installment and keep it forever: The leasing provider will usually make you an offer of around 10% of the original purchase value.


Self-employed and freelancers also cycle tax-free – and thus preserve their liquidity. Leasing rates and the running costs of a company bicycle are business expenses and therefore tax deductible. If you are entitled to deduct input tax, you can also deduct the sales tax included in the installments from the lease payments.

In your tax return, you can continue to deduct a flat rate of 0.30 euros/kilometer per single commute for your commute to work – without the stress of a logbook. After three years, you can usually buy the bike for a low final installment and keep it forever: The leasing provider will usually make you an offer of around 10% of the original purchase value.


With the Jobrad leasing calculator you can quickly and easily calculate your savings. Simply enter the purchase amount of your desired bike, your gross salary and your tax class. With the advanced settings you can calculate an exact result – for example with the contribution amount of your employer or your insurance payments.



MÄX & MÄLEON produces sustainable mobility for everyone – and that’s why we make sure you can afford your bike: We combine subsidies and financing into a practical package – with the most favorable conditions for you and your life in the wind.



PASSENGER BIKE (Standard): 8.490€
– Cargo bike funding: 1.000€*
Down payment of 30%: 2.247€
(= total amount over 3 years: 5.243€)
+ annual percentage rate: 5,32%

Monthly Installment: 158€ / Month


TRANSPORTER BIKE (Standard): 6.690€
– Cargo bike funding: 1.000€*
– Down payment of 30%: 1.707 €
(= total amount over 3 years: 3.983€)
+ annual percentage rate: 5,32%

Monthly Installment: 120€ / Month

* All financing examples are based on a cargo bike subsidy of €1,000. This will be available in June 2023 in Schweinfurt, for example. In Munich it is €750, in Stuttgart €1,100 and in Aachen even up to €2,500.
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How does MÄX & MÄLEON financing work?

We offer MÄX & MÄLEON financing together with PSD Bank. The cooperative bank from Nuremberg provides personal loans for sustainable projects at a particularly favorable interest rate.


You put together your desired bike in the configurator and send us an inquiry. Shortly thereafter, we will contact you for a funding check.


We'll work with you (and your dealer, if applicable) to put together the most affordable and maximally subsidized financing package – all you have to do is send out the applications.


Once you have been approved for financing and funding, you make the agreed down payment – and then enjoy the ride with low monthly installments.


Save up to 70% when buying your MÄX & MÄLEON? Cargo bike funding makes it possible! Whether and how your purchase can be subsidized and which subsidies and financing can be combined, we will explain next.


Federal states and municipalities

There are a variety of funding opportunities from federal states and municipalities – in the best case several thousand euros. You can find an overview of more than 80 funding opportunities in Germany and Austria at

Aktion Mensch

Aktion Mensch funds the purchase of cargo bikes by non-profit organizations. As part of the “Accessibility for All” program, funding of up to €5,000 is provided for e-load bikes with pedelec25 drives specifically for transporting people with disabilities.

Regional social institutions

Many social institutions are open to cooperation, especially when it comes to transporting people with disabilities. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience with you – just contact us!


Federal Ministry for the Environment / BAFA

You are self-employed, freelance or have a business with a trade license – great. Then there is a generous subsidy from BAFA

Specifically, 25% of the acquisition costs or a maximum of 2500€ for commercial e-bikes and e-trailers with pedelec 25 drive are taken over.

Hire-purchase is eligible, leasing, however, is not. You can cumulate the BAFA subsidy with subsidies from federal states and municipalities, if the latter allow it. The TRANSPORTER BIKE can be loaded with up to 110kg and is therefore eligible, the PASSENGER BIKE is a bit more complex, please contact us in advance.

The application to the BAFA must be made before ordering – only after receipt of a grant notification can the purchase be triggered. Plus point: You can write off the cargo bike over several years and thus save a lot of taxes.

Further promotion possibilities for independent ones and selfemployed persons find you with

The liquidity-preserving alternative is company bike leasing ↑


We help you through the financing and funding jungle! There is a suitable financing or subsidy for almost every situation – contact us directly or a MÄX & MÄLEON dealer. We have often helped customers with financing and subsidy questions – just call us, we will advise you personally and without obligation: +49 69 870043090

It depends on your personal situation. Especially as an employee, you benefit from company bike leasing, as you can save up to 40% compared to direct purchase. With cargo bike financing, you can take advantage of the cargo bike subsidy. So you can save money on both leasing and financing!

In the case of company bike leasing as an employee, this depends on your employer. So find out what rules apply at your company. There is no upper limit for financing. As a self-employed person, there is also no upper limit.

With a direct purchase, you can take advantage of the cargo bike funding. This is not always possible with leasing. In addition, direct purchase is the fastest way to get the bike, because you can simply order and do not have to wait for a confirmation.

The combination of cargo bike funding and leasing is often not possible. However, some municipalities are already rethinking, so it’s best to check the funding conditions at your local office.

Cargo bike funding and financing can always be combined – at least we don’t know of any case where this is not possible 😉

No, we do not get any commission. We are proudly vehicle builders and want to ensure with financing that everyone can afford the best – a MÄX & MÄLEON.

Yes, only then it is a little more complicated. We will gladly explain it to a phone call!

Unfortunately, no – our financing partner only offers this installment loan for private individuals. Of course, you can still finance your MÄX & MÄLEON with a small loan for self-employed persons. You can compare small loans at Verivox.

You can also use company bike leasing here. The advantage is that the lease does not appear on your balance sheet. With financing or direct purchase, you can of course save a lot of taxes, since you have no or very low financing costs and can depreciate the bike over several years.

No – our financing partner only offers this financing for private individuals. You use a small loan for self-employed people or can even use financing through your house bank? Great, then you can combine BAFA funding and financing.

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