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Fastest drive. Best tilting technology. More power, more load, more possibilities. Individualize your vehicle and overcome all limits: without a sweat, but always with a breeze.

The TRANSPORTER BIKE is the cargo bike for everyone who wants to go further in traffic, work, business and leisure. The sustainable alternative to SUVs and delivery vans. The sprinter among cargo bikes.

60 Nm
60 kg
1 km*

Get it all

Cargo Bike Rocket

Keep going. Ride faster. Climb steeper hills and maneuver through rough terrain. With 110 kilograms on the loading area. And a trailer attached to the back. On the TRANSPORTER BIKE, gravity is your best friend – so you don’t take off. Call it the MÄX & MÄLEON experience.

Inspired by motor racing, the chassis of the TRANSPORTER BIKE is designed for top performance and maximum fun: the powerful electric motor pushes you to the limit, two front wheels with ultra-precise suspension brakes keep your valuable cargo safely on track – and the air-sprung tilting technology increases your racing fever for the next curve.

The unique combination of speed, agility, strength, and stability turns simple delivery rides into your carbon-neutral Grand Prix. On the TRANSPORTER BIKE, every day is fast and furious – feel the pace!

ZF Sachs RS mid-mounted engine:
112 Nm 
torque power | 4,6 seconds to top speed

Push the limits

convertible powerhouse



Leave the concrete behind and chase the horizon – there’s so much to discover! On the PASSENGER BIKE and TRANSPORTER BIKE you float through blooming landscapes and endless expanses up to every peak. Shared amazement and chatting during the ride included!

Serpentines with 30% slope? No problem, even with a passenger and 250 kg maximum weight. Our hydraulic dampers carry you light as a feather over any terrain: unmown meadows and wild mountain rivers, rattling gravel roads and stone paths with potholes even larger than in Berlin.

Do you have to limit yourself on the road as if doing penance? Absolutely not! Your MÄX & MÄLEON cargo area carries the comfort after you: Throw in everything that makes the trip really nice – whether family tent or mobile refrigerator, feel good coffee system or children’s crate de luxe.

And if only trekking shoes or gravel and mountain bikes get you on the road, we have the perfect escort vehicle for you: PASSENGER BIKE and TRANSPORTER BIKE are the first-class ticket for every bike trip and every hike, especially in a group and as a team!

How do we know for sure? Well, we tried it out! Over 443 kilometers and 5,535 meters of altitude, we subjected our bikes to the most fun endurance test of the year and redefined the term “going steep”: From Garmisch-Partenkirchen we went over Fernpass, Reschenpass, Via Claudia Augusta, Passo Campozzin and Lake Garda to Lago di Ledro in Italy.

Fortunately, we had a camera and our smartphones with us. So we can show you everything we experienced and how the motor, battery, tilting technology, brakes and gears performed. To the YouTube documentary, please click here!



Electric cargo bike for dog transport

Off into the forest. Up into the mountains. Over sticks and stones, puddles and snow. The DOG TRANSPORTER BIKE opens up new horizons for masters, mistresses and their furry best friends: Ride the dog with a breeze and maximum comfort.

Finally an e-cargo bike for dogs that deserves its name: the DOG TRANSPORTER BIKE is perfectly equipped for the needs of small and large furry friends!

  • Low entry
  • Suspended loading area with padding
  • Pockets for luggage and provisions
  • Mobile side walls with impact protection
  • Washable material

Three wheels mean triple braking force (with ultra-precise cargo wheel brakes by Fahrwerker) and super-stable cornering even on wet surfaces.

The mobile side walls provide soft impact protection for four-legged friends weighing up to 100 kg. And a Y-leash holds the dog between two airline points and end fittings with a high tensile load.

Do your Thing

Individual setups

Ride with tools to your customer or buddy. With info booth to the demonstration. With a tent and beer crates to the festival. With the dog through the mountains. With a wheelchair through the forest. The TRANSPORTER BIKE opens up horizons.

The hand-welded steel frame has plenty of space for flexible setups and individual solutions: cargo can be quickly secured on the flatbed, the lockable shop can be converted into a work surface or counter with just a few movements. Per plug-in exchange system, setups can be easily changed – the TRANSPORTER BIKE can be transformed into a PASSENGER BIKE within 5 minutes.

Do you have your own setup-ideas? Make the TRANSPORTER BIKE your personal transformer. With our help of course – MÄX & MÄLEON means tinkering with heart and vision.

Take the fast lane

Cargo bike as Business-Truck

Pick up pallets and deliver goods. Drive euro crates through the city and bring customers to their destination. Show your presence in the park or pedestrian area. The TRANSPORTER BIKE takes your business onto the bike path – the fast lane for smart traders, creative pioneers and active communities.

Whatever you want to move forward, the TRANSPORTER BIKE gets you and your project really moving: delivery services and craftsmanship, sustainable tourism and mobile service providers, mobile trade and libraries, taxi and shuttle services, parties, clubs, and public facilities – they all benefit from innovation, mobility, and increased visibility with exemplary character.

Save yourself the hassle of searching for a parking space and the trip to the gas pump – simply charge your battery at the outlet for 50 cents instead of 100 euros!

Back to the future

Sustainable mobility for all

We finally need a positive idea of the future: a green, livable utopia filled with joy, beauty, and humor. But can we change the world and still have fun? Yes, we can! MÄX & MÄLEON stands for maximum riding pleasure and consistently sustainable mobility for everyone!

A ride on the TRANSPORTER BIKE even puts a smile to the faces of car fans: Compared to a car, you save massively on CO2 emissions with MÄX & MÄLEON – and a lot of money at the gas station. In addition, all bike components are environmentally friendly, high-quality, durable, and sourced as regionally as possible – almost exclusively in Germany and Europe.

This may cost us time, money, and nerves, but it is worth it and necessary. Because sustainable mobility of the future requires that supply chains and production processes are environmentally conscious.

Our demand for quality combines German engineering with sustainable craftsmanship. Each MÄX & MÄLEON is therefore unique, made in our production in Stuttgart. Where the first car was once manufactured, we are now constructing the first real alternative.




Technical DATA

  • Robust steel frame made of European 25CrMo4 steel
  • Hand-welded in Stuttgart
  • flexible flatbed body with plenty of space for cargo and individual solutions
  • Loading area made of robust screen printing
  • lashing possibilities for tension belts
  • dimensions of loading area: 62,5cm x 70cm (can be loaded up to 80cm)
  • Stepless Enviolo Heavy Duty Gearbox (85 Nm motor power)
  • Rohloff Speedhub hub gear
  • With its 112 Nm torque, the SACHS RS mid-motor is one of the most powerful pedelec drives.
  • Even with a high payload, steep uphill rides are no problem.
  • The high torque – even at low pedaling frequencies – pays off especially in the stop-and-go of city traffic.
  • 250 watts continuous, 700 watts peak power
  • Support up to 25 km/h
  • The cargo battery LV 814.01 provides with a power of 814 Wh a range of 50 to 100 km depending on payload, driving behavior and outside temperature.
  • Voltage: 48
  • Manufacturer: BMZ
  • Dimensions in mm (W x H x L): 153 x 82 x 393
  • Weight: approx. 4,7 kg
  • Charging time: approx. 4h with standard charger
  • The new hydraulic disc brake from Fahrwerker was developed for high payloads and maximum safety.
  • Brake discs: front 2x 200, rear 1x 180
  • Front headlight: Busch and Müller IQ XS e friendly.
  • Large area light field and closerange illumination.
  • 2x 80 lux
  • Daytime running LEDs
  • Rear light: Busch and Müller SECUZED E or LINE BREX brake light
  • Seatpost: suspension or postmount available
  • Empty weight 58 kg (appx. 128 lb)
  • Admissable total weight 250 kg (appx. 551 lb)



For passenger transportation we recommend our PASSENGER BIKE, which comes with the appropriate accessories including weather protection. However, our child seat can also be mounted on the TRANSPORTER BIKE, providing space for two kids. Cargobike seats from other brands can also be mounted on the Flatbed if needed – or you can build your own solution.

You can load up to 110 kg onto the cargo area. The permissible total weight of the cargo bike is 250 kg.

The TRANSPORTER BIKE weighs 58 kg.

The loading area is 62.5cm long and 70cm wide, so you can easily get through all doors, barriers, etc. However, since the loading area is flat, wider crates can also be loaded without any problems – two Euro crates next to each other are not a problem.

In Germany, the transport of adults on cargo bikes is allowed according to the StVO (German road traffic regulations) if the bike has a designated seat for it. Our PASSENGER attachment is intended for transporting persons.

The TRANSPORTER BIKE is 262 cm long. If the rear wheel can be slid between the front seats, then the bike will fit in most vans or minibuses.

The TRANSPORTER BIKE is a true mountain climber! With 112 Nm, the motor will push you effortlessly up steep hills, even when fully loaded. The choice of the right gear is crucial. If you live in hilly terrain, we recommend the Rohloff gear system.

The TRANSPORTER BIKE is the perfect cargo bike to take dogs: The cargo area is large and suspended and the bike is ideal to be on the road even on field and meadow paths. For taking along dogs we recommend the side covers as accessories. However, classic dog boxes can also be attached to the bike. For the leash we mount you an extra lashing point.

Yes. The TRANSPORTER BIKE is a sustainable cargo bike. All installed components are environmentally friendly, high quality, durable, and locally manufactured – almost exclusively in Germany and Europe. We keep all supply chains as short and sustainable as possible. All bikes by MÄX & MÄLEON are welded and assembled by hand in Stuttgart, making them unique.

Yes, you can lease all bikes from MÄX & MÄLEON through Jobrad. Additionally, you can lease your bike through other providers such as BusinessBike, Bikeleasing, Lease a Bike, and As a self-employed person, you can also lease your bike. If your employer does not offer a company bike leasing program, simply use Mäx & Mäleon financing with a low interest rate and full cargo bike promotion. Learn more

The air-suspended tilting technology of the TRANSPORTER BIKE combines the advantages of a tricycle with the sporty riding style of a bicycle: Thanks to the two front wheels, the bike is safe and relaxed to ride even with a heavy load. The tilting mechanism significantly improves cornering and supports a dynamic riding style.

The tilting technology of the TRANSPORTER BIKE can be locked using the park function. Therefore, the bike does not need a stand. You can use the lock to park, load and unload the bike, push it or move it around. However, the bike cannot be ridden with the tilt technology locked.

The TRANSPORTER BIKE is an electric cargo bike with motor support up to 25 km/h. The ZF Micromobility drive is the strongest cargo bike motor in Germany, with a choice of either 85 or 112 Nm of torque.

Yes. The TRANSPORTER BIKE is the most versatile cargo bike. You can attach additional (even custom) setups – for example, for transporting dogs or people. Overall, you can load up to 110 kg.

The TRANSPORTER BIKE is an electric three-wheeled cargo bike designed to offer a unique riding experience. Especially when carrying heavier loads, a three-wheeled bike rides better than a two-wheeled bike. The suspension stabilizes the bike with two front wheels and an air-sprung tilting system, even in critical situations. This ensures safety when riding on wet roads, in winter and when travelling off-road. A three-wheeled cargo bike does not tip over as quickly as a two-wheeled cargo bike because it stabilizes itself. With double brake power, the bike stops quickly and safely – even on wet roads.


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