Simply get in, ride off, explore the world – and look really cool doing it! The inclusion speedsters by MÄX & MÄLEON offer people with disabilities and limited mobility new flexibility and maximum riding fun. Customizable to any requirement, of course.

60 Nm
60 kg
1 km*

breeze for everyone!

A special e-cargo bike for disabled people and those with limited mobility is usually only one thing: special. Manufacturers focus solely on safety and seating comfort – the joy of riding and style fall by the wayside.

That’s why MÄX & MÄLEON doesn’t just build cargo bikes, but develops clever solutions for inclusive mobility: e-cargo bikes for passenger transportation – electrifying vehicles for everyone.

Our bikes are made for a life in the breeze: dynamic locomotion on safe, comfortable, flexible seating options – maximum riding fun for every age and gender, every physical stature and condition. Not just for people with disabilities, but for everyone. True inclusion speedsters.

And if there are individual requirements? Then we adapt the bike like a chameleon to the colors of its environment.



customized EXAMPLES

The setups for the INCLUSION SPEEDSTER can be flexibly and individually adapted to any application. We at MÄX & MÄLEON like to tinker and have already generated a smile or two on the road.

  • Technical possibilities
  • Public cargo bike funding
  • Financing and leasing

E-cargo bike for wheelchairs

Anthony in Baden-Württemberg

Use Cases:

  • Cycling to the day care center
  • Trips into the forest, into the mountains, over gravel roads
  • Bulk shopping by cargo bike instead of car

Special technical features: 

  • Passenger cabin with wheelchair ramp
  • Extension of the chassis by 25 cm
  • Ramp for entry on both sides
  • Attachment points for wheelchair on the floor
  • Sprung loading area

E-cargo bike for people with disabilities

EVIM-Residential group in Hessen

Use Cases:

  • Riding fun for people with intellectual disabilities
  • Shopping together
  • Trips into the countryside
  • Flexible destinations with luggage

Special technical features:

  • 4-point seat belt for one adult

E-cargo bike for people with disabilities

EVIM-Residential group in Hessen

Use Cases:

  • Riding fun for people with intellectual disabilities
  • Shopping together
  • Trips into the countryside
  • Flexible destinations with luggage

Special technical features: 

  • 4-point seat belt for one adult

ACCESSIBLE e-cargo bike

Cycling without age in Kiel

Use Cases:

  • Cargo bike rental for senior citizens
  • Trips into the countryside
  • Dynamic, safe ride

Special technical features:

  • Low entry for people with reduced mobility
  • Handle on the seat bench
  • Sprung loading area

Inclusive e-cargo bike


Use Cases:

  • Riding fun despite muscle disease
  • Family tours in the countryside

Special technical features:

  • no conversion necessary – basic equipment is inclusive

Aktion Kindertraum: 

Jana is 14 years young and suffers from a muscle disease. She is physically restricted in a wheelchair. Thanks to Aktion Kindertraum, she can now go on cargo bike tours with her family at any time.


The PASSENGER BIKE breaks the Radelbande high score and sets the new bench mark!

There are various ways to subsidize cargo bikes for people with disabilities.

Micro-grant for accessibility from Aktion Mensch

Aktion Mensch supports the purchase of e-cargo bikes with pedelec25 drive specifically for the transportation of people with disabilities with a grant of up to 5,000 euros. The grant applies to cargo bikes that can carry at least two passengers.

Regional subsidies

Many federal states and local authorities also offer funding programs for cargo bikes. The funding conditions vary depending on the federal state or local authority.

Funding from health insurance companies

In some cases, health insurance companies will cover the costs of a cargo bike if it is medically necessary. The conditions for the assumption of costs vary between health insurance companies.

Funding from foundations

There are also foundations that sponsor cargo bikes for the disabled. The funding conditions vary depending on the foundation.

Cargo bikes are the vehicles of the moment: they replace cars to create space – for riding, greening, getting around and living in a changing climate. Cargo bikes are not only cheaper and more space-saving than cars, but also more climate-friendly and practical. But the most important thing is that they combine freedom of movement with fun.

After all, it’s a completely different feeling to have the wind rushing around your ears and whizzing throgh the countryside than being stuck in a traffic jam every day looking for a parking space. People with disabilities and limited mobility in particular can benefit from a cargo bike.

  • It offers independence and flexibility: people with disabilities can travel independently with cargo bikes and determine their own routes – freedom of movement increases their quality of life.
  • It offers social integration: cargo bikes can help people with disabilities to participate in society and make new contacts.

An e-cargo bike for people with disabilities is a bike with an electric motor and a transport platform for loads or passengers that can be ridden by people with physical disabilities in particular – as a rider or passenger.

E-cargo bikes for the disabled can have the following features:

  • A barrier-free loading surface that makes it easier to get on and off the bike
  • A ramp that allows a wheelchair to get on and off the bike
  • A comfortable seat with a safety belt
  • A stable frame that is safe even at higher speeds
  • A powerful electric motor that makes riding easier


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