Dog Transporter Bike

DOG TRANSPORTER BIKE ELECTRIC DOG cargo bike for ANY WEATHER & TERRAIN Off into the forest. Up into the mountains. Over sticks and stones, puddles and snow. The DOG TRANSPORTER BIKE opens up new horizons for masters, mistresses and their furry best friends: ride the dog with a breeze and maximum comfort. GET THE BIKE […]

E-cargo bike for people with disabilities

E-CARGO BIKE FOR PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES INCLUSION SPEEDSTER: CHIC & FAST & SAFE Simply get in, ride off, explore the world – and look really cool doing it! The inclusion speedsters from MÄX & MÄLEON offer people with disabilities and limited mobility new flexibility and maximum riding fun. A breeze for everyone! PASSENGER vs. TRANSPORTER […]

The Cargo Tricycle

The CARGO TRICYCLE Strong, comfortable, flexible – and sometimes super dynamic: cargo tricycles are a great alternative to cars, bicycles and other types of cargo bikes. We explain the advantages and use cases. What is a cargo tricycle? A cargo tricycle or cargo trike is a bicycle with three wheels, designed for transporting loads or […]

Leasing & Financing

SAVE MONEY WITH PUBLIC FUNDING LEASING & FINANCING MÄX & MÄLEON adapts easily to your life, especially when it comes to payment. You can lease your bike or finance it via installments – not only saving emissions but a great deal of money too! In this post, we’ll explain how to do it. Leasing vs. […]

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